Quality Policy


Quality Policy

Steel Yard Overseas strives to justify their customer delight commitment by adhering to high quality standards from raw material procurement to finished product.When we apply quality control at the production level, it develops and motivates a sense of quality consciousness among our employees, which raises the desired quality level of the end products.

Steel Yard Overseas commitment to service delivery and product quality is in accordance with national and international standards for metal and alloy products. Steel Yard Overseas strives to increase visibility of all quality processes in real time through effective measures implemented by our Quality Assurance Team.Quality control results in the most efficient use of resources, lowering the significant costs of waste and inefficiency.

We also ensure that the product we provide has undergone various levels of quality testing. We personally ensure that the product meets the following criteria:

- We identify the properties, characteristics, and flaws of metal materials used in your products or projects.
- We ensure that metal parts operate reliably and in accordance with applicable accreditations.